Children's Activities

The children's activity center is located inside the City Park Pavilion. Children under age 6 must be accompanied by a parent.


Saturday - 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday   -   1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

 The children's center features:
  • Children's hands-on art and craft activities from different countries 
  • International games 
  • Up close artist's performances  
The Festival introduces over 300 children yearly to art projects such as:
  • Guatemalan Worry Dolls 
  • Edelweiss Hats 
  • Multi-Racial Paper Dolls 
  • Flower Pot Rattles 
  • Rhythm Bracelets 
  • Chinese Paper Fans
We believe in the importance of these activities because children are our hope to peace and understanding. 


Rides on the Magical-Train will be available during the Festival for $1.00 per person. You're never to old to ride the "Magical-Train"! It is designed for both kids and adults. This fun for kids of all ages!
      Bring the kids and spend some time playing with the Fun Factory's professional grade, full size, carnival style inflatable amusements.*

*Cost varies
Drum Making Workshop for Kids!
Baba Jubal Harris has been bringing the joy and excitement of music and percussion to children in schools, universities, art centers and festivals for more than 20 years. Children can learn how to make their very own percussion instrument and then join Baba Jubal to try their hand at Afro-Cuban drumming. The workshop starts at 11am on Saturday in the Children's Activity Center in the Pavilion and is on a first come first served basis. Space is limited. The storytelling will begin at 12:45pm on Saturday at the Arts in Motion tent. 

Children's Hoop Making Workshop


Traci Levine from the Charleston Hoop Group will be holding a workshop in the child's activity center at 3pm on Saturday.
Sign ups start at 1pm on Saturday in the Children's Activity Center in the Pavilion. This is on a first come, first serve basis for the first 30 children to sign up. Children must be present at 3pm sharp to participate.
Using black irrigation tubing, colorful tapes, and optional shaker/noisemakers like beads on the inside, children will make their very own hula hoops to take home and keep forever. After making the hoops, she will lead everyone out to the Arts in Motion venue to do a quick lesson. She might teach a fun trick or two, or maybe just dance with hoops to some groovy beats. And remember, this is an activity for girls AND boys to enjoy!  

                              Learn to do Origami!

Volunteers from the Ohio Paper Folders will be helping children AND adults do an origami project in the pavilion. You can check out their website by clicking here.

Dinosaur Skeleton

See for the first time in the Parkersburg area the 23 foot skeleton 

                            of the dinosaur Tarbosaurus bataar!

Scientific Name: Tarbosaurus bataar

Size: 23 feet long and 9 feet high
Location: Mongolia
Formation: Nemegt
Age: Late Cretaceous, 71 MYA

Tarbosaurus meaning ("alarming lizard") is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur that flourished in Asia about 70 million years ago, at the end of the Late Cretaceous Period. Fossils have been recovered in Mongolia, with more fragmentary remains found further afield in parts of China. 
Like most known tyrannosaurids, Tarbosaurus was a large bipedal predator, weighing up to six tonnes and equipped with dozens of large teeth. It had a unique locking mechanism in its lower jaw and the smallest forelimbs relative to body size of all tyrannosaurids, renowned for their disproportionately tiny, two-fingered forelimbs.

Tarbosaurus lived in a humid floodplain criss-crossed by river channels. In this environment, it was an apex predator at the top of the food chain, probably preying on other large dinosaurs like the hadrosaur Saurolophus or the sauropod Nemegtosaurus. Tarbosaurus is very well represented in the fossil record, known from dozens of specimens, including several complete skulls and skeletons. These remains have allowed scientific studies focusing on its phylogeny, skull mechanics, and brain structure.

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