The line up is subject to change. You can find more information about the entertainers by clicking their names and visiting their websites. 

                    Main Stage                     

Kenya Safari Acrobats
Kenyan Acrobat/Dance Troupe
The Kenya Safari Acrobats offer a truly unique cultural experience. Hailing from the heart of Africa, this awe-inspiring and dynamic dance troupe takes acrobatics to exhilarating extremes. The group members learned acrobatics as children on the beaches of Kenya, as a means to break free from an impoverished country. Now they serve as artistic ambassadors for Kenya as they travel the globe, entertaining and inspiring audiences of all ages. They perform a non-stop ride of gravity-defying human pyramids, balancing, tumbling, limbo dancing, hurling through hoops and breathtaking contortions, all while clapping to a joyful Benga beat. Combining artistry with humor and playfulness, these gymnasts are a huge crowd pleaser. A unique and eye-popping blend of traditional arts and circus skills in classic African style, this show will leave your audience on their feet and filled with a wondrous sense of awe and amazement.

Kevin Locke
Lakota Hoop Dancer
Saturday & Sunday
Kevin Locke is known throughout the world as a visionary Hoop Dancer, the preeminent player of the indigenous Northern Plains flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator. It is universal spirit that Kevin strives to convey through his stories, music, humor, dances and workshops. Kevin's goal is "to raise awareness of the Oneness we share as human beings." His belief in the Unity of human kind is expressed dramatically in the traditional Hoop Dance which illustrates "the roles and responsibilities that all human beings have within the hoops (or circles) of life." "All of the people have the same impulses, spirit and goals," reflects Kevin. "Through my music and dance, I want to create a positive awareness of the Oneness of humanity."

S. H. Kang's Tae Kwon Do
Traditional Korean Martial Arts Demo
This team trains at the ELITE Sports Center in Parkersburg and is a branch of Grand Master Sok Ho Kang's Tae Kwon Do Academy in Charleston, WV. Tae Kwon Do is a form of self-defense which includes blocks and punches, while putting greater emphasis on kicking techniques. The translation for Tae Kwon Do is “the way of the hands and feet”. The demo team consists of all ages and ranges in skill levels from beginners to instructors with over 30 years of experience. The team entertains with traditional forms, self-defense routines and free sparring. Most exciting is the breaking demonstrations which include boards and concrete. The demo is narrated to include the audience through education. This display of discipline and dedication shows that even with personal limitations, anyone can attain their own personal best.

             Arts In Motion Stage            

Angie Iafrate
Hula-Hoop Instructor
Kid's Workshop in Pavilion
All Ages Hoop Jam 
Angie Iafrate is a certified (hula-)hoop instructor and founder of Mid-Ohio Valley Hoopla, an organization that promotes hooping as a  fun, creative exercise combining dance elements with the manipulation of a hoop. Even at its most basic, hula-hooping carries both physical and emotional benefits for participants of all ages, and Angie believes that anyone can learn to keep a hoop moving around their waist with an attitude of positive persistence! She offers weekly classes and various workshops around the region, regularly participates in local festivals/fairs, and gives demonstrations in public schools and other children's groups to share hooping with the community.  This will be Angie's first year at the festival as a demonstrator, though she has participated as a spectator for more than a decade. 

Baba Jubal Harris
Percussionist & Drum-making Workshop
Teaching, studying and performing for over 30 years, Baba Jubal began his music training at the age of 14 when a local musician taught him how to play Afro-Cuban percussion. Baba Jubal has performed throughout the United States and West Africa and is currently a master craftsman in the Ohio Arts Council traditional artist apprenticeship program. Baba Jubal has been bringing the joy and excitement of music and percussion to children in Northeast Ohio schools, universities, art centers and festivals for more than 20 years. He is the founder of the Inner Peace Drum Circle, an intergenerational percussion group in Cuyahoga County.

Professor Phineas T. Bubblemaker 
Purveyor of Preposterous and Provoking 
Entertainment Ventures
Various Times & at Arts in Motion           
Professor Bubblemaker, played by John Gradwohl, Jr., will bring back the memory of days gone by taking audiences into his fun and educational world of soap bubbles. John's bubbling career started by accident. He wanted to perform bubbles as part of a stand up comedy routine. As he learned more about bubbling he began to practice and before long the stand up comedy went by the wayside and a new bubble show was born. All of his shows are motivating, silly and above all else, FUN! He hopes that audiences will walk away not only feeling entertained, but also motivated to go out and do whatever it is that is inside of them no matter how "silly" they think it is. The wonder of bubbles take us all back to a day before distractions of modern technology. A time when one could relax and just watch the bubbles floating by.

Steve Dixon
The Zoot Suit Magician
Various Times on Festival Grounds & Arts in Motion
housands of people have laughed with his humor and been amazed by his magic for over two decades. Steve entertains with magic that is quite literally in his hands and more often than not, in your hands as well. His magic happens literally inches away from your eyes, everyone watching will have the opportunity to share in this unique and intimate experience. Steve performs with warmth and humour, captivating his audiences and leaving them totally spellbound with his mysteries.

The festival has been entertaining young and old alike for the past 19 years. Cultures of all kinds have been featured at the MOVMCF year after year. Here is a look at some of their performances. 
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