The "Coolest Thing That Happens in Parkersburg" for the Past 22 Years.

New entertainment will be added as we get closer to the festival. The line up is subject to change. Find more information about the entertainers by clicking their names and visiting their websites.   

This is a rain or shine festival. Severe weather conditions can force  some activities inside the Pavilion. Activities that cannot be relocated may need to be cancelled. We ask for your patience and understanding should the event need to move indoors and we will share the information on the Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival Facebook page.


Brady Young Quartet

Time: TBD

Brady was born in Kokomo Indiana outside of Indianapolis into a family that embraced music and the arts. At 10 years of age he took up guitar and bass guitar and at 12 he moved to Parkersburg, WV. Since then he's studied music and lived in San Francisco California, Oakland, Berkeley, and most recently Nashville TN where he played music and also worked on guitars at the Gibson USA electric guitar factory. In 2016 he relocated back to Parkersburg to be around old friends and family and to play music once again among the beautiful hills of the Mid-Ohio Valley. His birthplace, Indianapolis, is a town known for its jazz history, and his father played jazz as an upright bass player at the height of that music's popularity.   


Time: TBD

​This drum performance is led by Lawrence Greene. He is the founder of Ugata, a cultural education and social services organization based in Southeast Ohio.  He has been performing and teaching West African drum traditions for 10 years. He uses movement and sound to develop spiritual clarity and inspiration for his students and self. Ugata is a cultural education and social services organization based in the intentions of their ancestors. All of their programs are based in the concept of bio-regional identity, which means you are where you live.

S. H. Kang's Tae Kwon Do Academy

Time: TBD

​This team trains at the ELITE Sports Center in Parkersburg and is a branch of Grand Master Sok Ho Kang's Tae Kwon Do Academy in Charleston, WV. Tae Kwon Do is a form of self-defense which includes blocks and punches, while ​putting greater emphasis on kicking techniques. The translation for Tae Kwon Do is “the way of the hands and feet”. The demo team consists of all ages and ranges in skill levels from beginners to instructors with over 30 years of experience. The team entertains with traditional forms, self-defense routines and free sparring. Most exciting is the breaking demonstrations. The demo is narrated to include the audience through education. This display of discipline and dedication shows that even with personal limitations, anyone can attain their own personal best.