MOV Multi-Cultural Festival Royalty

Greyson Godfrey - MOVMCF Preteen


The 2018 Mid-Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival Preteen is Greyson Godfrey. Greyson is 11 years old and is finishing 6th grade at Blennerhassett Middle School. Greyson's proud parents are John and Michelle Godfrey of Washington, West Virginia. At Blennerhassett, Greyson is a member of student council, choir, the gifted program, and is secretary of the theater program. She has worked hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA this school year. She enjoys working with the Wirt County Relay for Life. Her hobbies include dirt bike riding, DIY projects, and playing with her dogs. Greyson is looking forward to an amazing year working with the MOVMCF.  

Tarissa Suchecki - MOVMCF Teen


Tarissa loves dance, singing and jumping on her trampoline. Tarissa started competing in pageants when she was five years old. Competing was a way to help build her self-esteem and help her learn to embrace who she is as a hard of hearing deaf person. Pageantry has been instrumental in developing who she is as a person and how she can make a difference in her community. Tarissa’s first outreach program was Blankets and Jackets for the homeless which she and her mother started when she was only five. Tarissa's goal has always been to get the message out that you need to love who you are and take pride in what makes you different, which is a message that she has taken in to schools and anywhere someone will give her a opportunity to speak. Your life matters has become her new motto as she continues to spread her message“Be proud of who you are, let your voice be heard, and choose life. Never let anyone or anything define you, you get to chose who you are and what your life will be. Tarissa hopes to be a good example to those around her and encourage others to get involved in their community. Being a patient at Nationwide Children's Hospital from the time Tarissa was born has taught her how important it is to celebrate life and give back to others. As an Ambassador to Nationwide Children's hospital and with the help of her mother and coach Ashley Horsley she created Spirit of Charity Pageant which has raised just over $5000 in cash and donated items, all of which has been donated to the Behavioral Health Program at Nationwide Children that services youth who have attempted or are thinking of suicide. Tarissa is so honored to be named your 2018 Mid Ohio Valley Multi-Cultural Festival Teen.   

Tessa Snyder - Ms. MOVMCF


Tessa Snyder is your 2018 Ms. Multi-Cultural Festival!! She spends her days working as a behavioral tech. She has a huge love for horses and photography! She's grown up in Ravenswood and is a true West Virginia girl. She hopes to see everyone at the festival!

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